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Resilient Content Manager - RCM

Delivering your content, when times turn grey.
Our Resilient Content Manager publishing platform offers uniquely designed resilient platform for various information warfare, crisis management or state level communications. We fight back with science, simplicity and true computing when your task is to deliver news, facts and information from verifable source.

Securing the resilience of awarded fact-checking service Faktabaari since January 2018

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About us

Currently worlds communications and software are inherently insecure. Everything is built on trust and trust is something that can never be secure. You can never know what really lies in your mobile OS, we are trying to revolutionaize the mobile ecosystem with small incremental steps. Starting with truly open, secure and transparent mobile OS. The OS's goal is to not compete head on with already established mobile ecosystems, its goal is to make completely secure and open solution for organisations and people, who need absolute security, that they do not need to blindly trust.

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