Necuno Solutions and KDE collaboration

November 29, 2018

Necuno Solutions and KDE collaboration

Helsinki on November 29, 2018

Necuno Solutions and KDE collaborate to bring Plasma Mobile to the Necuno Mobile, a truly open source hardware platform

Necuno Solutions and KDE announce a community collaboration to offer Plasma Mobile on the Necuno Mobile, the truly open source hardware platform.

Plasma is a Free and open source graphical user interface developed by KDE. Their Plasma Mobile platform is an effort to bring the Plasma graphical user interface to mobile devices. Plasma Mobile is a promising, true open source alternative to the walled garden duopoly.

Necuno Solutions is introducing a truly open source and secure mobile hardware platform called Necuno Mobile. Open source mobile communities have been looking forward to a device like this for a long time, because a device so uniquely open has never been made before.

The privacy and security of our users are the main focus of Necuno Solutions, and we are working with Free Software communities to ensure that the hardware is a welcoming platform for Free and open source operating systems in the mobile ecosystem.

Plasma Mobile and Necuno Solutions are a perfect match for a community collaboration because of their shared values regarding open source, privacy, and security. We aim to grow the KDE and Necuno Solutions communities together and attract interested early adopters and developers, giving everyone a chance to join the effort.

“KDE has reached very far in the mobile ecosystem by leveraging the power of the community. We feel that KDE is in a good position to challenge the duopoly in the future. This will be a new innovative approach to combine truly open source hardware with a truly open source operating system” - Tanja Drca, Chief Communications Officer at Necuno Solutions

“It is important that developers within the mobile ecosystem are able to work with open devices which are easy to modify and tweak and are not locked by vendors to a particular operating system. Necuno Solutions is working on one such device and will ultimately help improve Plasma Mobile due to its open nature.” - Bhushan Shah, Plasma and Plasma Mobile developer, KDE

About KDE

KDE is an international community co-operating on the development and distribution of Free and Open Source Software for a variety of platforms and devices. KDE has created a wide range of applications for communication, work, education and entertainment. The community has a strong focus on finding innovative solutions to old and new problems, and maintaining a vibrant, open atmosphere for experimentation.

About Necuno Solutions

Necuno Solutions is a company dedicated to bringing freedom to the mobile world, starting with a secure open source mobile device. Necuno Solutions has roots in the open source communities and, while their first device is targeted towards enterprises, the Necuno Mobile also works as an open source hardware platform for communities to build upon.

Press contacts

Tanja Drca,, Chief Communications Officer at Necuno Solutions for more information

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About Us

Necuno Solutions is company built around the idea of providing security, privacy and freedom to the current mobile world.

Our main goal is to work towards more open, transparent and secure mobile ecosystem, where the user and companies are in control of their data, where security and privacy is at it's core. This is a monumental task and cannot be achieved by any one company in the current mobile world. That is why we are working with FOSS mobile operating system communities to boost the development of open-source operating system alternatives. The software alone is not enough and that is why we are working for a new hardware built with open components.