July 30, 2019

Publishing a Yocto based build system for Nemo Mobile

Since shipping the Necunos NC_1 devices were delayed we wanted to find other ways to give back to Free and Open Souce Mobile Software community for their awesome work. Our employee had their freetime side project where he was converting Nemo Mobile’s OBS build system to Yocto based one and changing the outdated Mer middleware to more recent OpenEmbedded based middleware.

Yocto Project is a community driven umbrella project that is created to help building embedded systems and embedded software. It is a great tool to develop mobile distribution!

Now released Nemo Mobile Yocto build system includes instructions to create Nemo Mobile images, toolchains and QEMU emulator. At the time of publishing this build system only supports qemux86 and qemux86_64 targets but adding new devices as Yocto layers is straight forward.


Head to https://source.necunos.com/nemomobile/nemomobile to start Yocto Nemo Mobile development!

Ready QEMU images and toolchain can be found from here and Nemo Mobile Yocto Wiki is here.

And Yocto Wiki is great place to get on with Yocto development.


Project is based on AsteroidOS Yocto project. Thanks to AsteroidOS guys!
Huge thanks to @locusf


Nemo Mobile is community driven project and should be used only in a development purposes. In this stage Nemo Mobile is only meant for development, not for production.
Necunos is providing this build system only for development purposes and this project has no affiliation with Necunos products.

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