April 1, 2019

NC_1 Shipping Update

As we move to April, anticipation towards the shipping of first NC_1 batch rises along with questions about the state of the operating systems development.

We have news about the first ever batch of NC_1 and the development around it which we wish to share with you.

Our original plan was to hand out the developer devices to the community members at FOSDEM in February to start working on the porting of their operating systems. Unfortunately we had a delay with the hardware, which led to further delay with the shipment of the NC_1 batch. Even though we had to push back the delivery, our community and customers have been very understanding and supportive for which we are sincerely thankful.

Our company’s mission has - and always will be to develop free and open source mobile device and to support the FOSS community, from which we are coming from ourselves. In the business world libre software is not generally well understood and adopted, so we feel honored to share the mission with everyone we meet and do business with. It has taken us years and some failed attempts to find and establish good partnerships with companies that support our main values - security, privacy, freedom and open source. One of the main reasons why we operated with low profile, was to truly ‘seal the deal’ with everyone involved so the project would be carried through as it should.

Now, we have faced yet another obstacle regarding the freedom of software. One of our critical partners has backed down from the release of the whole source code to everyone. This puts us in a situation, where our only option is to rewrite this particular part of Board Support Package ourselves to ensure complete transparency and openness.

Our goal is to provide you with fully free and open source mobile device from hardware to software. We are not willing to compromise our goal of bringing freedom to the mobile world.

Regardless of the new obstacles we have faced, we are pushing the project forward with the support and help from the community. This situation allows an opportunity to contribute in the world’s first truly free and open mobile infrastructure on a larger scale and everyone is needed.

This also will push our delivery time back for our customers. We can ship the devices with partly closed sources but this is not something we are interested in since free and open source is our goal with the community edition. We estimate to have the NC_1, truly free and open mobile device ready for shipping in the summer 2019.

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