February 7, 2019

FOSDEM19 and updated Q&A

Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the FOSDEM event in Brussels. We were happy to join them again this year to unofficially represent Necunos and recently released NC_1 for the first time.

Meeting with community members, supporters and other free and open source developers was exciting as always. Although our initial plan was to hand out NC_1’s for developers personally in FOSDEM, a bump appeared on the road that delayed our plans for a few weeks. We had to change our display unit for more suitable and better one. We were though able to bring NC_1 unit with us to show around.

We had some good questions from community about the NC_1 and Necunos next steps. Check out our updated Q&A.

Next steps

Our first ever batch of the NC_1 is now sold and we are getting ready for the second round. Early birds that ordered the device by 31st of January can ecpect their devices to be shipped in March 2019.

We are on track to release our BSP(Board Support Package) in addition to reference operating system. Public repo is just around the corner. NC_1 units will be shipped to our announced community partners; postmarketOS, Nemo Mobile, Replicant, LuneOS, Maemo Leste, Plasma Mobile (KDE).


We were honored to co-organize the hackathon at the Press Club Brussels Europe together with Association of European Journalists in Belgium after attending the FOSDEM19 weekend. The goal of the event was to introduce journalists to mobile threats and share information on how to protect themselves. We know that currently used security tools alone are not enough so we invited journalists to co-design a truly secure mobile system from the ground up. You can find the #HackForJournalism slides here https://www.slideshare.net/TanjaDrca/mobile-infosec-hackathon-for-journalists2.

Follow up blog on #HackForJournalism published tomorrow, on friday 8th for more information and next steps.

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About Us

Necunos provides the most transparent and secure complete mobile solution.

We started with creating a secure communications software but realized that it wont be secure if its running on Android or iOS where data collection and backdoor access is inevitable. We decided to create our own Linux-based up-to-date independent operating system that would respect peoples privacy and provide them with transparent security. Once we got deep into the hardware and operating systems we noticed we couldn't trust the hardware running our operating system. There are too many unknowns and too many closed firmwares running in there. We decided to go and create the most transparent and clean mobile hardware and software stack solution where the user can be absolutely sure that his communications are secured and privacy respected.