Is NC_1 a unfinished prototype?

NC_1 is fully finished community edition of our smart mobile device.

Are you going to run a crowdfunding campaign?

No. We were able to develop our product without crowfunding and do not need it for launching.

When did your development process start?

Our development started over 2 years ago and we are on schedule. The Hardware is mostly ready, some small changes might still apply. On software side, reference OS is running on the device and this is always on going process.

Why are you using i.MX6 Chip?

When evaluating hardware components over 2 years ago ARM® Cortex®-A9 NXP i.MX6 was and still is the most viable option to use on opensource smartmobile. Requirements were being able to run free software, ability to isolate WiFi from main CPU and longevity support. i.MX6 was chosen because it has opensource GPU driver called Etnaviv, opensource and changeable bootloader.

Why i.MX8 was not used for NC_1?

Almost three years ago when we started our mission to create FLOSS mobile device, any suitable i.MX8 chips weren't on the market yet and neither was the open source support for i.MX8 on the level that is needed for our mission. In the future using i.MX8 could be possible, if serious heating and energy consumption issues could be solved.

Why aren’t you offering default OS?

We do not wan't to make that choice for you. With NC_1 user is in the driver seat and has a freedom to choose their open source operating system. For NE_1 we are offering default operating system, our necunOS, to guarantee the highest level of security.

What is the default operating system used on Necunos NC_1?

Necunos NC_1 for the community the NC_1 has multiple operating systems to choose from when ordering the device. Or you have option even to order without any operating system. The operating systems are community driven and under development, some are not yet ready to replace your regular everyday mobile.

Is the bootloader of Necunos NC_1 unlocked?


Is Necunos NC_1 full featured smartphone?

Our first model is designed to be used as a mobile device for high security needs, not as a regular smartphone.

Will Necunos NC_1 have sensors like fingerprint or NFC?

The first model does not have sensors for security reasons.

Does Necunos NC_1 have modem isolation?

For security reasons, we decided not to include modem in Necunos NC_1. SIM-card and the cellular modem are the most vulnerable parts of a mobile device and Necunos NC_1 is designed to be for extreme security usecases. Cellular modem enables location tracking, wiretapping and making you vulnerable to spywares such as Pegasus

Is there be any proprietary software in NC_1?

Us to be able to ship NC_1 to certain countries, we have to follow certain regulations and this means that when shipping the device, Wi-Fi chip must contain authenticated (read binary) software. But no worries; Wi-Fi chip has no memory access and possibly could be replaced by FOSS version of the firmware.

Does the WiFi Chip contain firmware?

To comply certain regulations that we are able to ship certain countries we had to include binary firmware to Wi-Fi chip. But no worries; Wi-Fi chip has not any memory access and possible could be replaced by FOSS version of the firmware.

How can I transfer data with NC_1?

Connect to Wi-Fi or plug Ethernet cable(RJ-45) to NC_1 and use your favorite program to transfer data.

Can NC_1 run Android applications?

Depending on your Operating System of choice this could be possible.

Is battery of NC_1 replaceble?

It is not solvered but screen has to be opened to get access to battery.

Do you think you will obtain RYF certification from the Free Software Foundation?

This is very possible and we are looking into it.

Why there is no public repo (yet)?

We are on our track to release our BSP, including kernel, bootloader and driver. In addition to reference distribution. Public repo is just around the corner.

Is NC_1 going to have modem in the future?

Supporting LTE is definitely possible, but requires more effort and selling sufficient volumes of NC_1 and the possible LTE version. But for secure use cases, for what NE_1 was created, we highly discourage using cellular modem.

How are you funded?

We are 100% independent and funding comes solely from Finland.

Why is the price of NC_1 so high?

For several reasons; we don't have/want factory for mass production, our production is in Finland, the high quality components come from Europe, the design and development have taken a lot of time and effort. We are very clear that it is a lot of money but this is the value of FLOSS and supply chain secured smart mobile device. We hope in the future to offer a model for a cheaper price, this of course depends on the sales of NC_1. At the moment this high price is the only option so that we can offer the product also for consumers.

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We started with creating a secure communications software but realized that it wont be secure if its running on Android or iOS where data collection and backdoor access is inevitable. We decided to create our own Linux-based up-to-date independent operating system that would respect peoples privacy and provide them with transparent security. Once we got deep into the hardware and operating systems we noticed we couldn't trust the hardware running our operating system. There are too many unknowns and too many closed firmwares running in there. We decided to go and create the most transparent and clean mobile hardware and software stack solution where the user can be absolutely sure that his communications are secured and privacy respected.