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Resilient Content Manager - RCM

Delivering your content, when times turn grey.
Our open source Resilient Content Manager publishing platform offers a highly secure way to handle your organizations websites when absolute security is needed. Our secure static webpage solution brings your coders/maintainers together with the writers in one place and on one platform. You are in control.

Securing the resilience of awarded fact-checking service Faktabaari since January 2018

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November 16, 2018

Thoughts, our philosophies and the community.

Why has the innovation been stagnating in current mobile devices? The importance of FOSS mobile operating system communities and the interest in them is on the rise. Bringing privacy and security to the users is a goal we want to achieve and can only be achieved through the collaboration of companies and communities.

November 09, 2018

USB, the easy way in to a computer

USB has since its release been the easy way to connect peripherals and to transmit data between computer and another device. In this blog post we will go over some of the attack vectors it opens and what solutions one might take in mitigating them

October 05, 2018

Open hardware is secure hardware

The current landscape of hardware security and the recent claim on Bloomberg about "The Big Hack"

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We are company focusing on information security and privacy. Our main goal is to work towards more open, transparent and secure mobile ecosystem. What we going to accomplish is to provide an alternative choice to users where they are in control of their mobile device. They choose what runs on their device. No more black code and binary blobs in the hardware and software.

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