Necunos Shop is now open!

January 3, 2019

Necunos Shop is now open!

So we are finally here and ready to bring this hardware platform in the hands of developers and early adopters. We are proud to have made this extremely secure and open hardware and we are hopeful that this will help to change the overall mobile landscape in to more open direction.

The Shop

The community edition of the device, Necunos NC_1, will be provided as an engineering unit and is on sale right now in the Necunos Shop! It will have 5 operating system options to choose from, all are created and maintained by the open source communities behind them. Small part of every device sold will go to the operating system communities or to organizations of their choosing. We also provide option to choose the screen to be detached for serial access to developers. The detached screen can be attached later on.

The enterprise version, Necunos NE_1 with the hardened operating system and secure communications platform will be sold separately. For the inquiries about the NE_1 contact our sales team through

You can also go read our press release for more information.

Questions and Answers

We will provide some commonly asked questions and our answers here. They can also be found in our separate Q&A section that can be found from the sidebar on the left.

When did your development process start?

Our development started over 2 years ago and we are on schedule. The Hardware is mostly ready, some small changes might still apply. On software side, reference OS is running on the device and this is always on going process.

Why are you using i.MX6 Chip?

When evaluating hardware components over 2 years ago ARM® Cortex®-A9 NXP i.MX6 was and still is the most viable option to use on opensource smartmobile. Requirements were being able to run free software, ability to isolate WiFi from main CPU and longevity support. i.MX6 was chosen because it has opensource GPU driver called Etnaviv, opensource and changeable bootloader.

What is the default operating system used on Necunos Device?

Necunos Device for the community the NC_1 has multiple operating systems to choose from when ordering the device. Or you have option even to order without any operating system. The operating systems are community driven and under development, they are not yet ready to replace your regular everyday phone.

Is the bootloader of Necunos Device unlocked?


Is Necunos Device full featured smartphone?

Our first model is designed to be used as a mobile device for high security needs, not as a regular smartphone.

Will Necunos Device have sensors like fingerprint or NFC?

The first model does not have sensors for security reasons.

Does Necunos Device have modem isolation?

For security reasons, we decided not to include modem in Necunos Device. SIM-card and the cellular modem are probably the most vulnerable parts of a mobile device and Necunos Device is designed to be for extreme security usecases.

Why is the price so high?

Making a fully open source hardware in the mobile phone formfactor is extremely difficult. We also use high quality components in a way where we can make sure of their security. Manufacturing in Finland also drives the price up. Security is what you are paying for in Necunos Hardware.

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Necuno Solutions is company built around the idea of providing security, privacy and freedom to the current mobile world.

Our main goal is to work towards more open, transparent and secure mobile ecosystem, where the user and companies are in control of their data, where security and privacy is at it's core. This is a monumental task and cannot be achieved by any one company in the current mobile world. That is why we are working with FOSS mobile operating system communities to boost the development of open-source operating system alternatives. The software alone is not enough and that is why we are working for a new hardware built with open components.