January 30, 2019

Necunos is co-organizing Infosec Hackathon for Journalists in Brussels

We have learned about the most sophisticated and highly resourced mobile attacks used against activists, journalists and their sources. These methods take advantage of the technology which is the most integrated in our everyday lives, controlling virtually anything and anyone – smartphones. We are convinced that currently used security tools are not enough in all cases, specially when it comes to targeted spyware attacks. One of the most tragic real-life example of these attacks happened last fall with the murder of Saudi Journalist.

Searching for truth and spreading the truth should not come with a price of someone’s privacy, safety or life. This includes reporters, sources and whistleblowers.

We are working together with Journalists and their organizations to co-design free and open source tools for protecting journalist and their sources in 2019 on Necunos NE_1 – the most secure mobile device platform. We wish to inspire journalists to take action and demand truly secure solutions and empower them to get involved in the design and creation of these tools.

With this goal in mind, we are co-organizing a hackathon event for journalists, together with the Association of European Journalists Belgium and Press Club Brussels Europe.

Visit AEJ for more information and registration for the event. https://aej-belgium.eu/hackathon-journalists-monday-4-february-2019-900-1200am/

Our mission is to bring the most secure communication solutions where they are needed the most. Take part in the conversation by using #HackForJournalism tag.

If you wish to participate in this mission, contact us at contact@necunos.com

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About Us

Necunos provides the most transparent and secure complete mobile solution.

We started with creating a secure communications software but realized that it wont be secure if its running on Android or iOS where data collection and backdoor access is inevitable. We decided to create our own Linux-based up-to-date independent operating system that would respect peoples privacy and provide them with transparent security. Once we got deep into the hardware and operating systems we noticed we couldn't trust the hardware running our operating system. There are too many unknowns and too many closed firmwares running in there. We decided to go and create the most transparent and clean mobile hardware and software stack solution where the user can be absolutely sure that his communications are secured and privacy respected.