Redefining Mobile Security



Extreme security. From hardware to software. From local to remote communications.

Defining new levels of mobile security.

We provide prime mobile security services to fit your mobile security needs in the most efficient way. We provide tailored, hardened and verifiably secure mobile operating system necunOS, fitted with End-to-End secured communications platform. We can manage the keys or we can give you the complete control. The operating system and the communications platform will be delivered on the verifiably secure Necunos NE_1 mobile device. The device is manufactured in Finland to have extremely secure supply chain and to have extremely high quality. No backdoors. Contact our sales to hear more.
Let us take care of your mobile security by supporting your tailored necunOS, communications platform and Necunos NE_1.



NE_1 Specifications

  • Durable aluminum body
  • 5" touch display
  • Extreme tracking protection; no SIM module
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and other IP connectivity
  • No backdoors
  • necunOS tailored operating system for your needs
  • End-to-End encrypted secure communications platform
  • Verifiable source code
  • Applications just for your needs


    Security and privacy are essential when handling patient information.


    Financial industry is in need of secure mobile platform and communications to keep their data safe.


    Enterprises face attacks from state-backed and rogue hackers trying to snoop on business secrets.


    Journalists in hostile territories are in danger due to lack of security in their mobile devices and communications.


    High level government officials are under constant remote surveillance from foreign nations.


    Modern vehicles are essentially smart, internet connected mobile devices, that are under constant threat from hackers.


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    About Us

    Necuno Solutions is company built around the idea of providing security, privacy and freedom to the current mobile world.

    Our main goal is to work towards more open, transparent and secure mobile ecosystem, where the user and companies are in control of their data, where security and privacy is at it's core. This is a monumental task and cannot be achieved by any one company in the current mobile world. That is why we are working with FOSS mobile operating system communities to boost the development of open-source operating system alternatives. The software alone is not enough and that is why we are working for a new hardware built with open components.